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A king has been given a certain amount of time to live. He spends these moments ensuring that the title of king can be passed without threat from his vassals.



[Arrow] keys to move across lists.

[Enter] to start an action.

[Z] to confirm an action.

[X] to backout of an action.

[4] ????



Vassal of Red:

Son of the previous Vassal of Red, who's loyalty stands firmly with the aged King. He takes pride in his army and his skill; boasting during his many celebrations with the Vassal of Green. He's not the best when it comes to money, second only to the Vassal of Green.

Vassal of Blue:

A spiritual man who aims to show the light to the people of the kingdom. He often gets into debates with Vassal of Red about the power of man and the power of light. He disapproves of the actions of the Vassal of Orange but turns no attention to the Vassal of Green and his pleasures.

Vassal of Orange:

A being who played the nobles above them to their current standing. Holds no interest in dealing with any other Vassal yet gets urges to strike down those who follow the Vassal of Blue's 'light'.

Vassal of Green:

A man who embraces all of what life has, at the cost of every coin in his reserve. Hosts many gatherings throughout the days. He is kept in his own little world as long as there is gold for him.


A dying old man who has to keep the peace between his vassals for the sake of his kingdom.



Equi of Vassals.zip 10 MB

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