A downloadable game for Windows

A being risen from an ancient artifact challenges you to...a game of mini golf?



Mr. Ed Dobble
The elderly owner of Dobble's Mininature Golf. 

Felcia Dobble
Grandaughter of Mr.Dobble and is working part time there.

Dennis Portsman
Friend and co-worker of Felcia.

Being from the vase.



Arrow Keys - Move.
Enter / X - Select.
Z - Back.


Left / Right - Change angle of hit.
X - Confirm hit.
Z - Back.
Enter - Pause Game.


{Watch OUT!}

Remain withing the boundaries of the course and avoid water all together.

Sand pits reduce the power of your swing.

Wind can change the destination of your ball.

The wind can be determined by the radar.

Head for the hole before your opponent. 



Red for Speed
Blue for Power
The longer the ball is in the air, the more the wind can affect it.



Golf Jinn.zip 15 MB

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